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Here’s a final warning to readers that things here are going to be a little mature! Links will lead to sites which show natural looking prosthetic genitals, so click at your own discretion.

So what the hell is ‘packing’ anyway?

For those not in the know, packing is something of an art which transmasculine individuals partake in to come off as more “naturally” masculine in appearance. The mere act of packing may also personally alleviate some dysphoria, though- so don’t assume that packing is just for show.

Packing can be as simple as stuffing a rolled up sock into your trousers to create the semblance of a bulge, or it can be as intricate as contact gluing a custom ReelMagik prosthetic to your privates and wearing that all day. Packers come in all shapes and sizes, from pack and play to STP (stand to pee).

What are the different kinds of packers?

If you thought packing was as simple as shoving a plastic penis in your pants, you’d be dead wrong. There are three main different types of packers to choose from when in the market.

Of course there is the simple and humble packer which is simply a soft silicone pal to stuff your pants. These are referred to as soft packers and usually are used only to achieve a natural bulge, alleviation of everyday dysphoria, or a combination of both. Soft packers can be made out of non-silicone material, and can either be detailed to appear exactly like a cisgender man’s genitals, or be as simple as a vaguely shaped object to place in your pants.

Next up we have stand to pees. These are packers that can be part soft packer or part pack and play, usually. They’re basically hollowed out to a degree so that a transmasculine person can use the device while in the restroom so that they can, as the name notes, stand to pee.

Lastly, pack and plays are packers which are used for sexual activities, to put it bluntly. Regular packers are inherently flawed as they can be anatomically correct for a flaccid penis. Sexual activities can cause distress for trans people, something that is personal and different to each person. Because of this, many different packer manufactures have sought to make sex comfortable for transmasculine folks.

Mimicking an erect penis, pack and plays boast their length in the title, commonly. They more than often need a rod to help them achieve an erect stiffness to them. Sometimes, they come with a mechanism to simulate ejaculation which usually can be achieved by squeezing the shaft of the packer.

Another common feature of a pack and play is the inclusion of a method to stimulate the wearer. This method may be a vibrator (used in the Joystick by Transthetics), or a bumps and ridges that pleasure the bottom growth a transmasculine person will develop during HRT. The bumps and ridges may be built into the packer itself (see FreeToM prosthetics), or may be built into the rod inserted into the packer (as is the case with Peecock products).

The pros and cons.

Having just one packer would be ideal, especially with the packer prices being what they are (usually upward of $100 USD), but the technology isn’t there yet. There have been sites here and there that claim to be developing an all in one, but still it’s hard to find any.

With soft packers, you have the option of having a packer which looks nothing like an anatomical penis, which is a spectacular option for transmasculine individuals who pack when not at home because they may not be out. Then, if the packer is found, they can come up with an excuse of what it is other than a packer. Unfortunately, soft packers can’t be used for pleasure in most cases. They also run the risk of getting too bulky when being used as the base for an STP and appearing unnaturally large.

With a stand to pee, you get a more comfortable and realistic experience with standing and peeing. However, STPs are more of a one size fits all solution to using the restroom. Everyone’s downstairs anatomy is different and needs a different solution for it. An STP might not cup your genitals correctly, causing you to pee less in the urinal and more in your pants. Also as stated earlier, they run the risk of creating a larger-than-natural bulge in your pants.

Pack and Plays allow you to have a more natural feeling fun time with your partner. You can even ejaculate with some models as well as pleasure yourself as you pleasure others. On the downside, pack and plays are some of the more expensive packers and often need rods to achieve their erect look. Another issue is that if you’re pre-T or have incompatible anatomy, you may simply not be able to achieve pleasure with their built in methods.

So which is right for you?

Obviously, it can’t be expected everyone reading this is looking into actually purchasing a packer. This is more of an informational guide about what’s what. But if you are considering buying a packer, you should wonder what exactly you’re hoping to achieve with it first. Do you want to alleviate everyday dysphoria? Eliminate sexual dysphoria? Use a urinal? Or maybe you want to do all three. Make your own pro and con list, set a budget, and look into some models on the market. There are many different sites selling packers, beyond what I listed here. There are even Etsy sellers, and Facebook groups dedicated to packer trading and reviews.

In the end, what’s right for someone is going to vary from person to person. Hopefully you can find the packer to call your own, however.




Oli is a 26 year old trans man from the US who hopes to assist in the education of trans topics as well as the amplification of trans voices.

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Oli is a 26 year old trans man from the US who hopes to assist in the education of trans topics as well as the amplification of trans voices.

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